Botox Neurotoxins

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Botox Neurotoxins

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 At S.P.F Dermatology. Our skilled team of professionals uses Botox to smooth away wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin, ensuring you leave feeling refreshed and looking your best.

What Are Botox Wrinkle Treatments?

There are a few different brands of prescription wrinkle treatments. We call these wrinkle treatments neurotoxins or toxins for slang. Dysport, Xeomin, Botox, and Jeuveau are the different FDA approved brand names. It’s like saying Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola are different brand names for soda. They are more or less the same in action and cost. They differ in how soon you see the result and how long the result lasts. For example when using the brand name Dysport, you see the result as early as 4 days and it lasts the longest, up to 4 months, of all the brand names. All brands relax and soften undesirable muscle movement responsible for creating wrinkles. Facial muscles responsible for jaw clenching and headaches are also treated.

Botox Neurotoxins

Say Goodbye to Fine Lines & Unlock Your Inner Glow

At SPF Cosmetic Dermatology we do treatments collaboratively. Our treatment philosophy is made up of evidence based and consistent rituals which produce elegant and conservative results.

What Should You Know About Botox INjections?

All prescriptions are delivered to medical offices as powders to be reconstituted (“diluted”) in office by the licensed medical provider. Be wary of providers offering inexpensive specials and overly diluting their product as this can affect longevity also. Treating your wrinkles with a prescription product will also have other positive benefits on your skin. It shrinks pores, reduces oil production, thereby decreasing acne breakouts, and improves redness and skin texture. We hope you’re not just using moisturizer for anti-aging; and yes, we’re shaming you! A moisturizer is for moisture and hydration; it is by no means an FDA-approved intervention for the prevention and treatment of wrinkles.

Facial Fillers
Basic Treatment Areas

There are 3 classic areas that should be treated together for a flawless and natural result. These are (1) the forehead (2) the crow’s feet and (3) frown/eleven lines. These classic areas should never be separated, otherwise your result can look a little weird. We now know the whole face should be treated as a whole. When areas are isolated, the result is not natural nor flawless.

These areas contribute to your aging process negatively by creating deep lines that may not be easy to fix in the future or may contraindicated to treat with filler. Ultimately, your provider will explain to you why it may not be wise to only treat the forehead. Just like a symphony, facial movements are complex and should be considered as a whole.

Toxin is used in many other muscles to create custom looks. Sometimes we have a thin-lip that disappears when we smile. Other times we have droopy-nose that needs a little lift. Want a contoured jawline or a slimmer face profile? We can sculpt that to Olivia Culpo perfection. Just google masseter injections; you’ll be amazed at the results. We can also sprinkle toxin around the lower eye area to create a brighter and more open eye look and eye shape. We can create subtle brow-lifts, and correct dimply-chins and gummy smiles. See our corrections menu below for more information.

What's Right For Me?

Everyone has different facial anatomy. The same way you may not be able to squat or bicep curl with the same force as your gym partner; your facial anatomy may also differ in strength. Just because your friend received one treatment style does not mean that this is the best treatment style for you. An in-person appointment to be seen where you have your unique facial expressions analyzed. Together we can develop a treatment plan, clarify facts from fiction, discuss options, and make sure you receive all the education you need. Google and gossip will only take you so far.

What to Expect

There is nothing you need to do to prepare for your visit. Usually there is minimal-to-no bruising and no significant downtime. Anesthesia/Numbing cream is not used cause the needles are so tiny. We use 6mm needles; that’s one quarter of the size of your pinky nail bed and don’t poke you a lot. The treatment is tolerable and relatively painless. We don’t inject through makeup, so arriving with clean skin is ideal. Make-up removal wipes are complimentary. There is no need to take off work, discontinue medications or skincare, or ice prior to your treatment. It’s okay to move your face and continue normal skincare and hygiene after getting treated.

Is Botox Permanent?

Your wrinkle injections are not permanent. Your results will slowly fade, and your skin will return to its pre-treatment condition or better. If you don’t like your results, you can simply choose to never do it again without consequence. However, this is seldom the case. 99% of patients continue their treatment schedule.

Follow Up Visit

Plan to see us again 2 weeks after your first treatment to ensure the dose prescribed for you was appropriate. This dose will be recorded in your cosmetic medical chart, and assist in your future appointments. Your after photos will also be taken at this appointment and analyzed in detail with you. You will get to keep these photos. This visit is a complementary visit scheduled at the time of your treatment. Touch-ups are also complimentary within this period and at the courtesy of your medical provider.

When Will I See Results?

You may see subtle results around day 7. Every day will be a small incremental and progressive change. Your wrinkle injections can take up to 14 days to fully absorb. We do not touch-up wrinkle injections before the 14 day mark because you are still absorbing your treatment. We do not touch up after the 14 day mark because we do not want to cause any unevenness.

How Long Will Results Last?

Lower doses create more natural looks but also tend to not last as long. This is why seeking treatment every 3 months is ideal. Visit your dermatologist 4 times a year for the best results. Your wrinkle injections are not permanent. Your results will slowly fade, and your skin will return to its pre-treatment condition or better. If you don’t like your results, you can simply choose to never do it again without consequence. However, this is seldom the case as 99% of patients continue their treatment schedule.


$150 per correction area with 3 treatment | $250 per correction without 3 area treatment

Improve a sagging or heavy brow while creating beautiful subtle arches

Smooths out the fine lines of the undereye, jelly roll, as well as wrinkles that spread into the cheeks

Nasal tip lift and droop correction

Correct a widening nose from hyperactive nostrils

Reduce wrinkles all across the nose which contributes to a wide appearance and in many cases, a heavy pulling of the frown

Neurotoxin can be injected to correct a crooked smile caused by asymmetric muscle tone

Reduce the amount of gum shown by gummy smile correction

Sometimes upon smiling, a lip muscle can curl inward and hide so strongly that the lip disappears. Relaxing the lip muscle helps prevent this and other lines known as “smoker’s lines” from happening. However, this will not substitute subtle volume created with lip filler. Sometimes these two treatments are used together to create a fuller pout.

Muscle relaxation can smoothen out vertical lines around the lips which often are referred to as “smoker lines”

Correct the corners of a downturned mouth by relaxing the strong muscles at the sides of the mouth that contribute to a down turned strong frown and sad emotional appearance

A dimply chin gives appearance of a larger face and irregular acneic skin texture

Special Uses

Sometimes rounder and fuller faces can lack contour or seem square and athletic in appearance. This may be attributed to excessively clenching the jaw, grinding teeth at night, or holding tension in the lower face. Overtime this can age of face as we lose bone and mineral. By treating hypertrophic (enlarged and strong) masseter muscles, we may achieve better facial symmetry, cheek contour, and also seek relief of Bruxism, the medical term for aforementioned. Patients sometime confuse Bruxism with TMJ which is a clinical diagnosis involving the misalignment of bony and ligamentous structures in the jaw as diagnosed by advanced dental specialists like Maxillo-Facial surgeons. Results can be maintained by treating the area 2-3 times a year depending on your individual muscle strength and desired aesthetic goals. This is a favorite treatment amongst models.

We can help you achieve a glass skin effect by superficially treating the skin of the face to reduce pore size, decrease oil production, improve skin texture, and reduce breakouts. This treatment does not affect your muscle movement or facial expressions because the muscles themselves are not injected. A very superficial stamp known as the Aquagold Fine Touch is used over the superficial aspect of the skin. Another approach is using the SkinPen® microneedle device to deliver the unfusion. This is a favorite amongst celebrities like Kim Kardashian. It can be repeated every 2-3 months.

Sweat reduction in the underarms, palms, and feet. Charge is per affected area. Depending on the severity, repeat treatment is recommended 1 – 2x a year to maintain results.

The platysmal bands of the neck lead to a downward pull that worsens jowls and crepey skin. This therapy tightens and tones the jawline. Evidence based literature shows consistent treatment early on can delay surgical intervention.

Botulinum Toxin is superficially infused into the skin. Research supports this use in reducing redness through the vasoconstriction properties of Botox. Results can last up to 5 months with this prescription therapy.

Avoid for 24 Hours

This treatment is NOT recommended for pregnant/breastfeeding women. Do not stop any medically necessary medications. However, do know certain medications and supplements may increase your risk of bruising. Taking Bromelain (pineapple enzyme), avoiding alcohol, avoiding smoking, avoiding NSAIDS (Advil, Aleve, Aspirin) and avoiding blood thinners (fish oil, flax seed oil, vitamin E, turmeric) will decrease your risk of bruising.

Virtual Consultations

If you are not sure what treatments are right for you, and you are looking for expert medical opinions, feel free to schedule a complimentary virtual consultations with our Nurse Practitioner to help select the right products and routines for your specific needs and lifestyle.

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